Mr Floyd Conway O’Malley Holdings Case Study

Friday, 13 April 2017 / Published in SCREENING, RECYCLING
Mr Floyd Conway tried for years experimenting with all avaliable screening technologies till his son came upon FlipScreen, he instantly ordered a EX130. He was so happy with the purchase he ordered another EX130 and changed his production line around FlipScreen. But why not hear it from Conway himself in the video belo

As you can see with the demostration, the FlipScreen saves the rock from going to waste. We have been very happy with Dave and FlipScreen USA, luckily we didnt need any support, but they answered any questions and technical information needed. We are very pleased with FlipScreen and you will probably be too The major problem with concrete recycling is the ever present mud buildup, Conway for years has tried every technology and method in screening out mud from concrete for use. His son found FlipScreen, ordered a bucket and instantly upgraded his unit to a larger model hastle free. Since than he has ordered another EX130 unit and fundementally changed the largest issue in his buisness. Lets have a look at how he changed it The start of the production line happens when the raw material comes in, filled with aggregate, dirt that turns into mud extremely easy and metal rebar. The raw material goes into the two stage system, first with the EX130 150mm (6 inch) mesh, FlipScreen picks up the raw material and moves it over to the first bay. Submerged Conway screens the raw material removing the aggrigate and mud, from there all large concrete is stacked for crushing in the large crusher. The second excavator then screen's with a 35mm (1 1/2 inch) mesh and begins scraping the bottom of the pond collecting all smaller concrete. Moved over the divider into the second bay it is screened again, placed in a small concrete pile ready for crushing. Conways production line at Mr Floyd Conway O’Malley Holdings is ready to recycle and reuse, creating the world of tomorrow from the world of today
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