We are grateful to have worked with so many amazing clients who are using FlipScreen to enhance their daily lifes and profits. See what they have to say


“The Flip Screen is exceeding our expectations on all fronts including ease of use, tonnage of material processed & actual steel recovered. The Flip Screen has very quickly become an integral part of our quality control here at ELG. I would have no problem with recommending the Flip Screen to anyone else either within our group or someone independent"

ELG Recycling Processors

Melbourne Australia
"Mid South Metals has initially recovered more than 100,000 pounds of non-ferrous metals from large piles of mixed metal and dirt. Thousands of dollars in value have been recovered and labor costs for hand sorting have been reduced by 50%. Lester purchased his S45 in June 2009 and it has paid for itself 2-3 times so far."

Mid South Metals

Greenville NC, USA

Brandon Yarnell

General Scrap Material in Shreveport, LA
"The Flip Screen is doing great! We’ve seen great results thus far and still have many acres to go! Thanks for all your help in getting us setup with this awesome machine!"
"The E80 Flip Screen we have has been a valuable addition to our operation. We use this unit to clean up and recover ferrous material after running our 1023 Harris Shear and 1218 Harris Baler to the ground. The material we recover is material that would have been lost to the ground in the past. We gain good grade of number 1 Heavy Melt and Shred material out of what we would have lost in the past. Thanks for your help and continued support when every we need it."

David Ruppert

Oscar Winski
"We purchased our unit in early 2014 and have used it extensively since that time. Our soil in this part of California is the result of all the gold mining that occurred in this area more than 100 to 150 years ago. Instead of us purchasing backfill soil for around our in-ground irrigation solenoid valve boxes and irrigation lines, we will mount the Flip Screen and sift the soil for our use. We use the cobble and rock for erosion control and decorative landscape jobs. It is definitely worth having one on hand to help us with our landscape work"

Gerry Dobbs

Cordova Recreation and Park District
"I have been purchasing Flip Screens as a dealer in the Czech Republic since 2011 and the Flip Screen is a fantastic screening attachment in the compost projects we run along with many other applications. The Flip Screen is built extremely well, has proven to be a quality product and has been extremely durable. In fact in the 35 units I have purchased to date I have only had 2 small issues and this has been rectified very promptly. We would recommend the Flip Screen for any screening application and believe it should be the first choice when choosing a screening attachment."

Tomas Galasek

"I like the Flip Screen, the unit works well. It is simple and user-friendly. The Flip Screen is great for getting into funny spots on the site, like reaching out in the cross trenches. We are planning to buy another unit in the future"

Kevin Massey

Greenwave Contractors
"The flip screen is an invaluable part of our process! Saving time and money for our operation, very easy to use and very dependable, we at TW Industrial love this piece of equipment!! Thank you"

Tim Watts

TW Industrial LLC, Riverdale NJ
"Dave, and the folks at Flipscreen, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Flipscreen. I make my own topsoil and it has been a great asset to our landscape company. No more big piles on our property. I have also gone out and sifted other landscapers sites"

Bob Lang

New Jersey
"I am not certain that “Flipscreen” should be categorized as an equipment purchase using an unknown payback schedule as criteria. Rather I suggest that your prospective buyers consider creating a new profit center for their business; one which repays itself in several very significant ways. It adds the potential to change the way a landscape operation does business. It improves profitability and is a profit center, not an expense."

Paul Jones

Landart in Wisconsin
"Our awareness of how easily a large proportion of rough material can be turned into reusable and recyclable product by the Flip Screen has changed the way we view and manage our processes and has resulted in substantial cost savings from cartage, tipping and importation of product. The screens quick set up from site delivery to producing reusable material is a bonus, as is the small time and effort required to change screen sizes. We look forward to exploring even more applications for the screen in the future"


"The biggest benefit of Flipscreening I’ve experienced is saving money on the purchase of new raw materials. We reuse onsite materials to create pipeline bedding and reduce overhead costs"

Hargan Construction

Batesville AR, USA
"There is no limit to what the Flip Screen can do. Our first clients were extremely impressed with the Flip Screen as it halved their costs and saved them approximately $150,000 in less than 10 days"


"The first time I used the Flip Screen I was amazed. We were able to create a saleable product from a pile of very diverse material that had no other use the way it was. I believe the material I had to screen was as difficult as I will encounter and the Flip Screen performed exceptionally well"


"The first time I used the Flip Screen I was amazed. We were able to create a saleable product from a pile of very diverse material that had no other use the way it was. I believe the material I had to screen was as difficult as I will encounter and the Flip Screen performed exceptionally well"


"The Flip Screen has made a vast improvement to the efficiency of my operations and was particularly valuable in two recent tunnel projects we have been involved with. We congratulate Flip Screen Australia on this truly revolutionary invention and would not hesitate to recommend the Flip Screen to anyone interested"

St Peters

"The Flip Screen is probably the best new technology in this field I have seen in recent times. It contributes greatly to gains in business efficiency, particularly for on site screening, recycling and remediation applications"

Chipping Norton